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Apartment Maintenance focuses on multi family real estate services. If you are an owner or property manager that needs maintenance services for your properties. 

Move Out Inspection Report - Thorough walk through inspection of the unit. This report will help you determine what items can be repaired or what needs to be replaced. This consists of a detailed report of the unit which will include reccommendations and potential damages that be have been caused by tenant.

Unit Turnovers - One Stop Shopping - We will prep, paint, repair, and clean the unit fully. This way there are no headaches with scheduling different vendors. You give us the date you need the unit ready by, and we will ensure it is completed. Most of the time when new tenants move into units and provide a copy of their unit availability form, these consists of items that were missed or ignored during the turnover process. This can cause more work for you and an unhappy new tenant. Let us make sure this doesn't happen!

Service Requests - As we all know, part of owning a property includes having to deal with miscellaneous tasks like service requests. Do you run into things like a leaky toilet? Damage window screens? Clogged drains? These always happen at the most inconvenient times, and we are here for you to help!

Preventative Maintenance - There's nothing worse than getting that call at 2 AM that the smoke detector is chirping every 30 seconds and you have to roll out of bed to go and take care of that. We can recommend a detailed preventative maintenance program which can help prevent things like this from happening.

Apartment Maintenance: Services
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